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I have suffered from low back pain for almost 10 years because of disc problems. Surgery seemed to be the only option that was being offered to me. A friend suggested that I talk to Dr. Austin about his Spinal Decompression treatment, which I did. Dr. Austin was very professional and informative. He told me that he believed he could keep me out of surgery as well as living a pain-free life again.

This turned out to be a great decision for my low back and my overall well-being! My pain subsided very quickly and I am able to do things, without pain, that I thought I would never be able to do again. It has truly been a life altering experience!!!

Thank you Dr. Austin for giving me my life back…..

-M. Williams

Thank you Dr. Austin for all your help!!! Your Spinal Decompression table is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone dealing with low back pain!!

Life is good again!!!

R. Davis